House plan

What is the house floor plan?

The cadastre house plan is a technical drawing that is delivered to the cadastral offices and contains a series of useful data concerning a property. For many people, it is also called home seedling or plant apartment cadastre. Within this planimetric project we find:

  • at what floor located inside the building;
  • the internal heights;
  • bordering areas;
  • all the technical details that can be used if necessary by the municipal offices.

Buy a cadastral plan

Usually, these documents are requested at the time of a deed of sale or purchase, in order to have a complete picture of the situation. The notary uses the house plan to unequivocally identify the object of the sale. It must at this stage represent exactly the state in which the apartment is located. Otherwise, a Docfa must be carried out by a qualified technician.

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These apartment plans will not be changed until they are updated with any technical details to note and do not have a specific expiration date.

The house floor plan is very useful for interpreting a lot of data. In fact, there are all the changes that have been made over the years. During a deed of sale, both the seller and the buyer will be able to read the measures of the cadastral plan.  The presence of a floor plan indicates:

  1. regular registration in the land registry;
  2. all real measurements of the dwelling;
  3. closed and open spaces and the intended use of the premises present;
  4. the arrangement of partitions and interior doors.

Where it is possible to request apartment plans

There are various ways to request a house plan, even for free:

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  1. There are external services that provide a paid service to be able to download the file of apartment plans. The cost of these services is less than 10 euros and the document is received in less than 1 hour. Go to the page “buy the cadastral plan ” for € 9.00. If you need a lot of floor plans you can also buy a prepaid subscription of at least 50 euros.
  2. It can be requested by going to the Provincial Land Registry Offices. Find Land Registry in your Province HERE.
  3. Citizens can apply for plants online. On the official website of the land registry, there is a special form to fill in and send, in order to receive the free plan in pdf format. This is only possible if you own the real rights or if you own the property.
  4. You can also apply by sending the documents on the Sister platform made available by the Revenue Agency. The application must be made by means of documents with an authenticated digital signature, specifying all the parameters and the necessary documentation. It is a service accessible only to technicians and is part of the participation in the document presentation service provided by the Italian State.

Some types of house plans are however excluded on the online platform and can only be collected from competent offices.