Land register


Any change in the state of land normally for the purpose of a change of ownership must be declared in the Land Registry with the Pregeo software. The most common causes of presentation of the change are for construction, expansion, demolition of real estate units, or for splitting a parcel of land. The declaration is charged to the owners of the property and takes place with the presentation to the Agency of an update prepared by a qualified technical professional surveyor. The technician must use a land measurement tool to carry out the topographical survey and draw up the campaign booklet.

What is the PreGeo?

The professional uses the software called Pregeo (GEOmetric deeds PRE-treatment) to fill in the cadastral update deed in which he must report the campaign booklet produced through the measurements.

The main features of the PREGEO software are:

  • the input of measurement data and geometric description, by means of polygons, of the detected objects
  • the description of the cadastral operations associated with the geometric updating (subdivisions, mergers, category, and class variations of cadastral parcels)
  • the graphic display of the object of the survey
  • the management of Map extracts issued by the Office or self-prepared
  • the formation of the updated proposal (updated map extract)
  • the preparation of computerized models for presentation in the office
  • the preparation of the IT support for the presentation of the updated act
  • the printout of the presentation of the updated act with the relative acknowledgment code.

The following changes in the state of the land can be communicated to the Land Agency with this program:

  1. splits and mergers (divide and merge cadastral parcels);
  2. cadastral map type (inclusion in the cadastral map of the land of a silhouette of a building);
  3. particle type (to establish the right size of a parcel and modify its boundaries);

The obligation of electronic submission

From 1 June 2021, the use of telematics procedures for the transmission of cadastral updating deeds is mandatory as established by the provision of the Director of the Agency of 11 March 2021, protocol number 2021/35112. Professionals can therefore submit the document only through the Sister platform. The receipt of paper documents is no longer required. Technicians must request authorization for the document submission service and will be provided with a personal user name and password for access.

Controls by administrations

Please note that the Territorial Agency at the time of submission may, in any case, carry out the checks and activate any official corrections upon communication by registered letter to the holders. In the event of this occurring, it is possible to lodge an appeal with the Provincial Tax Commission competent for the area, according to the procedures indicated in the notified assessment deed. On the basis of current legislation, the submission of land cadaster update deeds provides for the payment of special cadastral taxes and stamp duty.