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News Edilizia is a blog created by Surveyor Massari that grows also thanks to the contribution of all those who make it or who want to be part of it. This is why it was decided to give a voice with the “public article” to those who have something to say about the real estate and construction world. If you also have something to say, send us an article using the form below. We will reread it and publish it for you!

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Table of contents

  • Why choose a public article from this blog?
  • Guidelines and tips for publishing an article
  • How to write a paragraph of an article?
  • Publish an article now

Why choose a public article from this blog?

Writing an article on another site is called a guest post. The guest post translated into Italian means “guest article”. This is a very popular SEO technique, in which both the blog author and the article writer are the winners. The owner of the blog earns it because he will have an original text that deals with one of the topics of his blog at almost no cost. The writer of the article, on the other hand, takes advantage of the reputation of the blog to broaden its catchment area and make itself known.

Is it mandatory to have a website for guest posting?

The guest post author does not need to have a blog or site. The important thing is that he has something to say about the blog topics for which he writes and uses this knowledge to make himself known. If, on the other hand, you have your own site or a social page, writing original texts on authoritative sites with a link to your site is a great way to advertise for free. This method is in fact recognized by all SEO experts and is called “link building”. Publish articles for free.

Some numbers of the blog

The “News Edilizia” blog is followed by thousands of people looking for information and insights into the vast world of construction. For various needs, they are interested in enriching their knowledge in the fascinating but intricate branch of real estate. Through the blog or connected social networks, exchanging opinions, finding information and seeking advice is therefore very useful. In 2015, there were 118,000 page views.

Guidelines and tips for publishing an article

The main rule of a text to be approved is that it must convey something new and interesting to the reader. Any person at any time of the day feels the need to find an answer to doubts that arise. Finding answers to the many daily questions by querying the search engine is now a way of life.

So keep this in mind and consider writing only if you are able to delve into your chosen topic to offer free answers the reader is looking for. The trick is to use your knowledge and if you don’t have it, try taking a cue from an encyclopedia.

  • You can write an article that concerns only one of the categories on the blog and is listed in the form below.
  • No language other than Italian is accepted.
  • You can add a link to your site and a return link is not required.
  • The articles sent must be original or unpublished, therefore not published on other sites. In this regard, we inform you that Cityscape will be used to find any plagiarism. 
  • Articles with content less than 600 words will not be accepted.
  • The structure of the article should be structured with short sentences separated by a period.
  • Every 4/5 short consecutive sentences must be completed (called “paragraph”)
  • Every 4/5 paragraphs must be put a subtitle in H2 (called “paragraph”)
  • In addition to the subtitle, each paragraph can optionally include an image that best represents that paragraph.
  • Keep in mind that all articles, before being published, are reviewed by our staff and that no blatantly advertising content will be published.
  • If the content of the article sent is not considered suitable, it will not be published.