The bitter truth about Online Trading and Finance that will make you hate (or love) my business for good

Not a day goes by that we do not have to explain to the people who approach us that trading and investing are two different things and that we are involved in managing finances and assets, not speculating on the stock exchange.

The truth, however, is another that I feel I can share after years of study and experience.

There is a huge misconception online that is being fueled by the online trading industry that I am now trying to clear up.

90% of those who approach “our” world, that of finance in a broad sense, are made up of individuals who are asking themselves a real question different from the answers they are often given: people are looking for an income, a better job, more money more or less easily.

Many of those who consume financial content often have the real need to increase their income rather than the need to manage assets that often do not exist or are not substantial enough to dedicate time and resources to them.

The trading platforms (legal and pure scam) and trainers who sell technical analysis courses, courses to become specialists of something (consultants, insurance marketing network planners, analysts) and the like are well aware of: behind the “experts mask of finance”, in many cases, the true identity, probably less attractive, of “salesmen of professional training courses” is hidden.

Let me be clear, I have deep respect for professional training and I myself have advised some people I know to follow programs of this type so do not take this post as an attack on something or someone because I do not have the time and desire for these children.

What I am only trying to explain is that most of the people who “meet” online are looking for ways to make money and the market offers them ways to make money which, when they are not scams, are real paths. professional.

Nothing different, conceptually, from becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, business consultant, engineer or other.

And all this online is in the majority because in Italian society there are more unemployed, underemployed and people looking for income than successful people, with a stable and rewarding job, a beautiful family and assets of hundreds of thousands of euros or millions of EUR.

We as a company serve these people here, when I speak I turn to them and write this post because our potential customers, seeing all this noise, often feel confused and cannot distinguish the two.

I will say more, and I already know that I will make many people unhappy: there is really a huge personal difference between these two categories of people who are the same thing in the inattentive eye but not really.

The former, whom we will call opportunity seekers, often have a lot of free time, are “noisy” on social networks (because they have a lot of free time), sometimes they want to show off and, in general, “love” their motivators and gurus.

The latter, whom we will call the wealthy of the upper-middle class, often have little time to waste because they are engaged in their professional or personal activities, they make little noise on social media or often they are not even there (because they have little free time, they dedicate it to other activities or are people insight who do not want to fight with bimbominkia on YouTube) and often have no desire to show off or publicly flatter gurus or motivators they do not need.

All needs are legitimate, just and respectable: the problem and the solution change.

We do not have, by choice, a solution to the problem of “I want to make more money”. I do not exclude, one day, being able to propose it because I have been an entrepreneur since 2014 and I started from a 20 square meter room in the university residences, so I would have a little something to say as well.

For now, however, our focus is on helping the second group of people: those who have assets to manage, long-term financial decisions to be made such as investment, retirement or succession planning and many other issues than those of our first hypothetical group, for now, they do not need to face.

So are we the same as others? Not exactly and if you really have to compare my face with someone else’s (Jesus sees you and I know it too, Bill Gates passes me the data of the subcutaneous microchips 😀), at least frame me well.