The complete Semrush guide: everything you need to know about the tool (and improve your Digital Marketing strategy with it)

Learn all about the tool focused on optimizing the visibility of organizations across different online channels and helping to create content; know plans, details, and features

What is Semrush

Semrush is software whose function is to manage the digital presence and Content Marketing of companies. The tool works by optimizing the visibility of organizations in different online channels and helping them to create content for their audiences.

With the data offered by the platform, customers can find possibilities for growth, and the tracking solutions allow users to constantly test and measure results accurately.

More than 7 million users have already tried Semrush in different countries, helping them to act more effectively and generate more expressive results for their companies and their customers.

For such a large number of users, the volume of data could not be left behind. As a result, the company manages more than 20 billion keywords, 142 geographic databases and 808 million domains ( data as of March 2021 ).

All this data is managed in different work possibilities, such as:

  • Keyword Magic Tool: World’s largest keyword database ;
  • Traffic analysis: tool to discover various website data, such as audience, traffic sources, geographic information and visitor behavior;
  • Domain analysis: functionality that generates complete data and various reports to help the user generate competitive intelligence and complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) activities;
  • Backlinks: allows you to create a detailed overview of the status of your website’s backlinks;
  • Display media: features to help the user find advertisers and publishers and find out how other companies use display media ads.
  • Market analysis: tools to make decisions based on data and competitor strategies (organic search, SEO, content, social media, among others).

Plans offered by Semrush

Semrush solutions are offered to the public through different plans : Pro, Guru and Business.

The Pro plan is ideal for self-employed professionals, startups and internal marketing analysts from a company with a tighter budget. The plan offers SEO, PPC and SMM (Social Media Marketing) features with more than 40 tools, which allow you to know traffic sources, classify and obtain results from social media campaigns and competitors, among other possibilities.

The Guru plan is suitable for small and medium businesses, as well as growing marketing agencies . In addition to offering the functions already mentioned in the Pro plan, it also gives access to a Content Marketing platform (the tools are really interesting), historical data, extended limits and integration with Google Data Studio.

The Business plan is aimed at agencies, e-commerce projects and companies that already have a greater web presence. In addition to all the features offered in the Guru plan, Business also gives you access to the API (application programming interface), extended sharing limits and options, the share of voice metrics, and custom reporting.

If the user does not feel contemplated by what is offered in the standard plans, there is also the possibility of creating a flexible and personalized plan by contacting Semrush.

Finally, it is important to point out that the software is organized by groups of tools: SEO, Local SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing and Competitive Search, which we will see later. These groups help to manage the Digital Marketing strategy in a more logical and organized way.

Now that Blue World City have introduced Semrush, let’s delve into its features and how it can help improve your entire Digital Marketing strategy.

Is it worth using Semrush?

With so many features, the advantages of using Semrush within Digital Marketing strategies may seem obvious. The truth is that the fact that the platform is so complete collaborates directly for you to concentrate all your marketing actions in one place. Except, of course, for your email actions, automation, Landing Pages building, and Leads management, which you can count on with RD Station Marketing.

This ability to manage information and strategies, in addition to agility and simplify your projects, can also result in savings because you end up using only one platform. It’s much simpler than having accounts and passwords scattered around for every marketing resource you need.

Win and keep more customers with competitive intelligence

Semrush will also be able to collaborate directly for you to gain new clients by differentiating the quality of service that you or your agency will be able to deliver. When making a presentation of growth opportunities for a future customer, for example, you can easily include specific data about their competitors and present a complete Digital Marketing strategy. This helps to generate impact and value for your work.

In addition, the tool will collaborate to monitor results and make your strategies already in action more efficient. Through the project management functionality, you can gather valuable information for your main customers and report it directly to them, supporting your strategic argument.

The free version of Semrush

If you are still thinking about whether Semrush benefits are worth it or not for your company and for working with your customers, know that the company has a solution aimed at helping you make this decision: it is possible to test some functions offered in paid plans or use a free version.

That’s right: at Semrush, you have the possibility to create a free account. Although your ability to extract data and use functionality is limited, you can still get a lot of benefits from this version – and you can continue using the free account indefinitely.

One of the benefits of this version is related to the domain and keyword analysis: you can do 10 searches a day in the databases. This limit also applies to other analytics reports, such as backlinks, advertising research, and keyword reports. You can also use the Keyword Magic tool, although you cannot save your searches.

Another important point is that it is also possible to create and manage a project, with a control panel that shows the most important metrics for each tool. Each project has 11 individual tools.

Among these tools in Projects, site auditing is perhaps one of the most outstanding. It provides a ranking of your site’s overall health, along with a list of problems detected. Whoever uses the free account has access to the 100-page audit, including tracking of a particular domain, subdomain or subdirectory.

What else is in Semrush’s free version

Keyword tracking is also possible in the free version, although only 10 tracks can be done per day. Just enter a domain, list the competitors, but the list of keywords to be monitored, a location and a device type. The tool will show the daily changes in domains and competition positions.

In the free account, you can use SEO Idea Units, which are functions that give suggestions on how to “assemble” content based on a keyword. There are 3 tools that form these units of ideas: SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant and On-Page SEO Checker.

One more point accessible by the free version: Topic Research queries. With this feature, you can create a list of possible subtopics based on your search. Free users are limited to two queries per day.

Finally, free users can generate reports in PDF, which help to clearly communicate the results of website audits, competitive analysis, or indicate the progress made by marketing campaigns. Free accounts are allowed to generate a PDF report in the ‘My reports’ section.

Although the free version offers some basic resources to get you started designing your marketing strategies and campaigns, it is undeniable that its use is limited and that there are many more resources from the more complete plans to make the strategies more comprehensive and efficient.

So, next, we’ll analyze what the more complete versions offer and what benefits they can bring to companies.

Semrush Toolkit

One of Semrush’s greatest assets as a marketing platform is the large amount of tools it offers – there are more than 40 features in SEO, content, advertising, competitive research, reporting and social media management.

Thus, the user can manage all aspects of visibility of their website and other digital channels through Semrush. This includes gathering SEO insights, researching competitors, using content tools to create new pages, creating and managing link building, placing ads, and promoting new content on social media; all this using Semrush resources.

Some reports can be generated directly with the Semrush toolbar, while others require the creation of Projects. Later, we’ll see more about each of them.

How Semrush can improve the SEO of your website and clients

In terms of SEO, Semrush’s platform offers in-depth and versatile software. You can use Semrush to perform market research and competitive analysis on your competitors’ websites on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page or search engine results pages).

The set of SEMRush of SEO tools is divided into five features: competitive research, research keywords, building links, rankings monitoring and On-Page SEO & Tech. Following the flow indicated by the tools panel helps the user to cover all aspects of their website’s SEO. Next, let’s look at some of the most important tools in Semrush’s SEO kit.

Organic Research

Organic Search reports help the user to analyze their site’s top competitors in organic searches, which keywords generate traffic for them, and many other details. You can search any domain (or any page) in your database, so it’s easy to analyze your competitors’ SEO. Among some possibilities of this functionality are:

  • Analyze a complete ranking list of your competitor’s keywords and pages;
  • SERP resource analytics to see keywords related to your site that get results on Google;
  • Flexible filters to enhance specific searches;
  • Identify competitors’ domains in relation to organic traffic;
  • See your competitor’s rises and falls in search rankings.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool is one of Semrush’s most impressive features. It offers access to a huge database with more than 20 billion words, from 190 different geographic databases, and has a simple interface to organize searches. Simply place a word or term in the search bar to get a responsive table with related search terms divided into subgroups.

Among the benefits of using this feature are:

  • Automatic grouping of keywords into subgroups by topic;
  • Extensive database with several keyword search possibilities;
  • Creation of filters to facilitate the complete keyword research process;
  • Exclusive filter for questions;
  • Organization of lists for different projects/sites;
  • Total volume and average competition are automatically calculated across your entire keyword table.

In summary, you can check the search volume for any term and receive several suggested questions, long-tail keywords, related and still understand how difficult it is to rank for that term. All on the same screen.

Keyword Gap Analysis

This is perhaps one of Semrush’s most fantastic tools for anyone working with SEO and Content Marketing. Keyword Gap Analysis allows you to perform a keyword profile comparison of up to 5 competitors.

You just need to place their domains and choose the ranking types of keywords (organic, paid, and Product Listing Ads – Google Shopping) to be analyzed. The report will show you which are the top opportunities for each site.

This type of information is especially beneficial for planning an SEO campaign, as you can assess exactly where the best opportunities are in your niche as an example of terms that your competitors perform better than you:

  • SEO analysis of your main competitors;
  • Organic paid and Product Listing Ads analysis;
  • Keyword overlay graphics between sites;
  • Possibility to compare keywords on different devices;
  • Possibility to compare subdomains and URLs (not available for pro plans);
  • See the unique keywords your competitors are ranking for and which you’re not.
  • Applying filters to specific terms or placements

In the example below, we’ve compared websites in the sporting goods industry and flagged one of them as a reference. Then, by selecting “ Weak”, we can see all the terms that other sites perform better on Google.

Backlink analysis

We know how the management and creation of backlinks to your website is important for SEO strategies. Backlink analysis at Semrush allows you to study your backlinks and those of your competitors and make comparisons. In this way, it is possible to monitor new and old links from your competitors, even those that have already been removed.

Semrush’s link-building features will ensure that you can create quality backlinks and also prevent harmful backlinks from harming your website’s performance. Avoiding, for example, penalties or dropped traffic.

The benefits of this feature:

  • Analysis of reference domains, IPs, and anchor texts;
  • Ease of seeing the competitor’s best performers in terms of backlinks;
  • Advanced backlink filters;
  • Possibility to create reports about competitors to discover domains that share similar backlinks to yours.

Optimization of advertising and paid media campaigns

Semrush’s Advertising Toolkit helps you plan and execute your Google Ads campaigns. Features allow you to search for information about your niche, analyze your competitors’ campaigns, and set up your own advertising strategies based on keyword and ad lists.

The tools in this kit assist in the following processes:

Competitor analysis

One of the first steps to a successful campaign is to analyze the competition. To do this, Semrush tools help you understand your competitors’ campaigns, from the keywords they are on to the content of the ads they serve. It is possible to see exactly the text used for the ads, for example.

Keyword search

Once your competitors’ strategies are identified, it is necessary to analyze your own keywords and identify the terms that bring the best return, whether to create new ads or optimize campaigns that are already running.

Creating and Searching Ads

The last step is the creation of the ads themselves. The tools in this kit allow you to visualize the key points of your competitors’ strategies. If you’ve already created campaigns on Google Ads, you can import them and restructure your keyword list within the Semrush platform.

Ads that can engage audiences are the perfect bait for your main goal: converting. While creating a campaign can be a daunting task, these tools will help you overcome these challenges and reap the rewards of an optimized strategy.

Paid ads are one of the main Digital Marketing strategies for a company, making it possible to identify the keywords with the highest ROI and, thus, increase your company’s competitiveness in the market.

Complete Strategies for Content Marketing Tools

On the Content Marketing platform from Semrush, you can manage tasks and create content aimed at your audience. This toolkit helps you improve your content planning by researching, creating and selecting content.

Topic Research

The right content can be the missing piece for you to stand out from the competition and gain visibility. Within the Content Marketing platform is Topic Research.

This tool helps in the brainstorming process for new content. For this, from searches for terms, cards are generated with related topics and ideas for their next content. With these features, you gain insights into new texts, including what topics you cover.

Topic Research allows you to identify:

  • Gaps in your content planning;
  • Relevant topics with good SEO potential;
  • Hundreds of content ideas;
  • Frequently asked questions for your content.

After identifying the best subjects for your next content, you can migrate to the SEO Content Template and check what is needed in your text to improve ranking.

SEO Content Template

This tool is aimed at content producers looking for texts optimized for SEO, also working as an ideal content briefing for agencies that want to scale production. For this, it offers a template with recommendations based on the keywords you want to rank, including:

  • SEO tips according to the content of the top 10 competitors for the same keyword on Google;
  • Where and how your competitors have used this keyword on their website;
  • Related keywords to be added to text;
  • The recommended size for text;
  • List of sites for working backlinks;
  • Integration with Google Docs for real-time SEO assessment.

The purpose of SEO Content Template is to allow your content to rank better than your competitors’ texts for a certain keyword. In other words, the tool helps you produce optimized content for search engines.

SEO Writing Assistant

This tool allows you to check the SEO potential and the originality of the content in real time, in addition to reaching the readability of the text. Some of its benefits are:

  • Ensure the text is optimized;
  • Improve content before publishing it;
  • Make text easier to read;
  • Check the quality of content optimization.

When connecting the SEO Content Template to Google Docs or WordPress, the SEO Writing Assistant will now analyze the SEO of your content based on Google’s top 10 results for each keyword and location. There is still the possibility of checking possible plagiarism and verifying the originality of the text.

Social Media Management with Semrush

The Semrush platform has several social media tools to facilitate the daily lives of professionals in the field and make analysis more practical. These features make it possible to create posts and monitor different profiles, make comparisons with your competitors and create your own ads.

Social Media Poster

Social media are indispensable resources for businesses that want to grow and attract new consumers. However, it is normal that many companies are not sure what to do when planning their campaigns and posts.

In this sense, Social Media Poster provides users with the ability to create, schedule and post content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Meu Negócios and Twitter. By integrating it with the Social Media Tracker tool, you will have access to a complete set of features to manage and analyze your posts and campaigns on social media.

Social Media Tracker

Another common problem on social media is knowing how to engage the audience and increase the number of followers. When you post some content on your profiles, you should keep in mind that you are competing for the same space and basically the same audience as your competitors. Now, if your publications are not having the same engagement as your competition, it means that something needs to change.

Finding the right type of content for your audience and how often posts should be made is critical. In this sense, Social Media Tracker makes it possible to follow the profiles of your competitors on social networks and compare them with your own accounts.

Through reports, you can identify the content that performs best, thus helping to recognize your audience’s preferences, whether in relation to the type of content, tone of voice and the best days and times to post.

Integration with Social Media Poster is quite powerful. While Tracker allows you to follow everything that happens on your competitors’ social networks, Poster facilitates the management and scheduling of posts.

Competitive and market analysis

As we could see, all Semrush tools help, in one way or another, to carry out an analysis of its competitors and, thus, increase the competitiveness of its customers. Even so, the platform has specific tools for market and competition analysis: Traffic Analysis and Market Explorer.

Traffic analysis

Traffic Analysis is one of Semrush’s most powerful tools. Through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, generates data that help in analyzing the competition and the market as a whole.

This search tool provides information about the traffic of any website on the internet, whether in its desktop or mobile version. It is possible to visualize the origin of a website’s traffic, how visitors interact with the page, which devices are used for access, landing pages, among other information that may be relevant to your strategies.

With this, you can benchmark, assess new markets or niches, and develop paid media strategies. Among its main features, the following stand out:

  • Traffic analysis by geolocation;
  • Data such as visits, unique visitors, average session time and bounce rate;
  • Estimated traffic from any domain;
  • Landing pages visited from hyperlinks;
  • Audience overlay;
  • The traffic of desktop and mobile versions of the website;
  • Comparisons between up to five domains.

Market Explorer

With this tool, you can compare your customers’ websites with those of your competitors, which allows you to better understand the market in which the company operates, the audience it should focus on, as well as industry trends.

In addition, Market Explorer allows you to see which pages on a website are attracting the most traffic, information that you can use to re-evaluate your strategies and restructure areas of the website that are not performing well.

We highlight the following features:

  • Analyze demographic and psychographic data of the audience, such as age, gender and interests;
  • Apply filters by region and history;
  • Assess the size of the market and make comparisons with the competition;
  • Check the channels that drive the most traffic to your competitors’ websites.

With this information in hand, it is possible to explore new market niches, close strategic partnerships and analyze the market more assertively and accurately.

Another advantage of Market Explorer is the possibility of using it to create more qualified personas, as the tool helps to explore audiences in the sector in which the company operates and to identify the interests of consumers in the market.

Both Market Explorer and Traffic Analysis are part of the Competitive Intelligence (CI) Add-on suite, available on all paid plans on the Semrush platform. With this feature, you have access to the general report, with up to 10 requests per day.

Project management and technical details

The Semrush platform also has a series of tools for project management. The goal is to provide suggestions on how you can improve the visibility of a website and track the progress of your strategies over time.

Site Audit

Site Audit is a website scanning tool that allows you to analyze the health of a website, especially with regard to SEO. For this, it has a checklist with more than 120 possible problems (duplicate pages, broken links, use of HTTPS, among others), pointing out exactly which ones are harming the site’s performance and should be corrected to improve the page’s ranking.

The tool can analyze both desktop and mobile versions of websites and has the ability to browse up to 20,000 pages in each audit in just a few minutes. In addition, it is possible to schedule new automatic scans to be performed daily or weekly.

The Site Audit also has thematic reports, which provide more detailed data according to different factors that impact the performance and ranking of the site, such as the implementation of HTTPS protocol, SEO, performance, internal links, among others.

One example is Core Web Vitals. This report brings together a set of Google metrics that indicate page load times, the user’s first interaction experience with the site, and the visual stability of the domain. All essential factors for the user experience and will have even more relevance for a good ranking from May 2020.

Position Tracking

Regardless of the SEO work that is done on the site, it is essential to measure the results of these efforts and track the ranking of pages in the main internet search engines – especially when referring to local businesses.

As its name suggests, Position Tracking allows you to track your website’s daily ranking according to a group of predefined keywords, specific geographic locations and device types.

The tool has a series of features that facilitate the analysis of the website’s SEO and PPC performance. This way, you can identify, for example, which pages attract more traffic from your keywords, if there has been an improvement or deterioration in the positioning in the SERPs, which areas of the site need to be optimized and which snippets opportunities you can take advantage of.

With Position Tracking, you can also monitor the performance of competitors, in addition to receiving daily and weekly reports in your email and exporting them to PDF. All of this with a focus on the terms that you organized and selected as the most important to you. Altogether, you can monitor up to 5,000 keywords.

My Reports

My Reports is a tool aimed at creating PDF reports, whether they are about website auditing, competitive analysis or marketing campaigns. This feature can be integrated with several Semrush tools, in addition to Google Analytics, Search Console, My Business, Google Ads. With this, it is possible to create highly accurate reports that contain the most complete and relevant information for your strategies.

How My Reports and Google Integration Works

Integrations with Google tools work through widgets. Just find them in the left platform menu and drag them into your report. Then you need to sign in to your Google account and configure the widget. Look:

Once the widgets are integrated, it is possible to import all the information that you consider relevant for the elaboration of your report. Remember: My Reports can be integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Ads.

Semrush Extra Tools

The Semrush platform also has a series of other tools to assist in your marketing strategies. We will highlight two of them: Content Marketplace and Agency Growth Kit.

Content Marketplace

Content production is one of the priorities of Digital Marketing and, for this reason, Semrush has a tool aimed at creating high-quality content, with a focus on engaging the public.

Content Marketplace is a platform where you can outsource your texts to be written by experienced content producers. The feature is available in both the free version and Semrush subscription plans, and has free and premium services. Simply log in to the platform, add your content order details and select the best offer.

Agency Growth Kit

It is a set of tools made to measure for agencies, focused on increasing the team’s productivity and helping the company to grow. With the Agency Growth Kit, your agency becomes a Semrush partner and, as a result, receives a partnership seal on its website.

Some of the main advantages that the Agency Growth Kit offers are:

  • Create your own account on the Semrush partner platform;
  • Generate Leads ;
  • Delegate projects;
  • Develop sales pitch;
  • Strengthen the brand and highlight the agency’s expertise to the market;
  • Automate the generation of custom reports with your own branding;
  • Organize your customers’ profiles;
  • Optimize your customers’ workflow.

Semrush service and study resources

Having excellent tools and resources is not enough to become a reference in the market. Therefore, Semrush also offers all the necessary support to its customers and partners through a complete service and in Portuguese.

From expert salespeople to the Customer Success team, you can count on all the assistance you need. The service is offered during business hours by email or WhatsApp. Whenever necessary, product demonstrations are also held with customers.

Whether on your blog or on the YouTube channel, Semrush also offers high-quality content for anyone interested in Digital Marketing. Those who have access to the tool, even, can already put into practice the recommendations found in the texts and videos.

Finally, if you want to further deepen your knowledge, Semrush Academy offers courses on the main features of the platform as well as free and high-quality content on Digital Marketing, covering topics such as SEO, Content Marketing, Paid media, social networks, among others.